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In-house training sessions

One of the most efficient training options is in-house learning, i.e. learning amidst colleagues and leaders and managers, by having a look at topical case studies from one’s own sphere of work.

Public qualityaustria trainings can be booked one-to-one as In-house trainings. There are cost-saving potentials, especially for large companies, regarding elimination of travelling expenses, external locations, catering, etc. It also is possible to book single modules of courses as in-house trainings. This means that all qualityaustria training offers are directly taken to the customer.

Note for our IATF certified clients:

There are special requirements for our IATF certified clients. Our Inhouse-Team will be pleased to be at your disposal on the phone at (+43 732) 34 23 22-26 or write us an e-mail.

Customizing enabled by professional trainers

Your benefits

At an in-house training, the training contents will be aligned in cooperation with the customer. You order what you want, and you will get what you need. During the training, company specific questions and tasks will be dealt with in detail. At the same time, it is guaranteed that company know-how cannot get outside. For larger companies, in particular, in-house trainings can be more cost efficient and effective. There won’t be any travelling and accommodation expenditure for the participants at all. Simultaneous training of several employees with one common goal will yield positive effects on teamwork and the internal network.

In general, in-house trainings are an attractive training variant combining comprehensive advantages. Our formula for your personal success runs as follows: discretion and secrecy, enhancing team spirit, more efficient results and alignment to the special needs of your company.


Analysis and definition of the objectives and targets

  • identifying the specific training needs while considering the requirements presently placed by and on the company
  • analyzing the situation by holding a preliminary talk with “your” trainer before the training starts (on the phone or at the site)
  • endeavours the customer and trainer take together to adequately conceive the contents
  • aligning the single teaching contents to your specific questions and the conditions within your company
  • incorporating company specific case studies
  • coordinating the schedule depending on your timetable

Our product portfolio

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Integrated Management System

Organizations increasingly focus on integration.

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Quality management systems improve the performance.

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Environment and Energy

Promoting continuous improvement of the environmental performance.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety strengthens organizations.

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Quality management is an absolute must in the construction industry.

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Public Administration

Strategic success factor for public administration.

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Defects in the automotive industry have serious consequences.

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Food Safety

Global markets and complex products require safety with the help of standards.

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Health, Social Services and Health Tourism

The dynamic health sector needs working systems.

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Maintaining a high level of safety.

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Risk, Security and Compliance

Anticipating coincidences with a systematic approach.

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Medical Devices

A high degree of innovation requires creative implementation strategies.

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Social Accountability (CSR)

Social responsibility as a global issue.

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Excellence (EFQM)

Delivering outstanding performances long-term with excellence.

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Customized Products for Special Industries

Support from customized management systems.

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