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The leading Austrian contact for
the Integrated Management System

Quality Austria is the leading Austrian contact for the Integrated Management System, based on quality, environmental and OH&S (occupational health and safety) management, and the topic of business quality.

We are committed to optimize the success of our customers and partners enabled by our services and consistent further development of management systems.

For this purpose, we offer system and product certification, verification and validation, training and certification of persons as well as the Austrian Quality Seal. In addition to the Austrian Excellence Award we organize several forums, conferences and we have published numerous publications.

System and Product certification, verification and validation.

As an independent certification body we conduct conformity assessments on the basis of international standards and regulations. Thus we assess and confirm that relevant requirements (such as those of ISO 9001, the quality management standard) are being adhered to. We predominantly certify systems, products and services as well as persons in line with the accreditation regulations of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs.

From the beginning, qualityaustria audit design has been focused on creating value for our customers.

  • Customer expectations significantly influence audit objectives and benefits.
  • Auditor competence is of extreme importance.
  • Performance and effect of the audited Integrated Management System is crucial.
  • People meet each other during an audit.
  • Auditing with the right attitude and values leads to the desired audit quality.


Quality Austria – Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH is accredited by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs in the areas of management systems acc. to ISO/IEC 17021, certification of persons acc. to ISO/IEC 17024 and certification of products acc. to ISO/IEC 17065.

Fairness, impartiality and validity of our procedures and certification programmes are guaranteed and confirmed continuously. We have the broadest accreditation scope in Austria and as an accreditation body we are committed to ensure independence and objectivity.

We are the national representative of IQNet and are therefore
authorized to issue the worldwide esteemed IQNet certificates.

Training and certification of persons.

For a personal certification the competencies and qualifications of a person are being reviewed and the conformity with the respective certification programme is assessed. Our customer focus and the national accreditation as personal certification body according to ISO/IEC 17024 by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs guarantee a high and recognized standard on a national and European level.

The primary objective of our trainings is the increase of competence of all participants on a long term basis.
This objective goes far beyond the mere imparting of knowledge and is supported by didactic and organizational measures. As for the contents, we put our focus on practice and value creation. Therefore, we combine the newest findings from studies, trend analyses, developments of standards and reports from practice with our practical know-how. With our webinars, online courses and information events we constantly aim to maximize value for our customers by staying on top of latest developments.

qualityaustria certificates have an outstanding reputation and are objective proof of competence due to their internationally accepted processes of examination, assessment and re-certification based on the EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard. We offer more than 50 certification programmes, most of them are nationally accredited.

The harmonization and recognition of our training offer in the nearly 40 countries of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) guarantee a very high and renowned standard on a national and European level.

Quality Austria is aware of the importance of impartiality when acting as a certification body. In order to guarantee objectivity when conducting certification activities, the handling of potential conflicts of interest has been included in the management system of Quality Austria.

Austria Quality Seal

Domestic quality guaranteed for over 70 years. 

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Austrian Excellence Award

The award for Austria's best organizations. 

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Our product portfolio

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Integrated Management System

Organizations increasingly focus on integration.

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Quality management systems improve the performance.

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Environment and Energy

Promoting continuous improvement of the environmental performance.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety strengthens organizations.

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Quality management is an absolute must in the construction industry.

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Public Administration

Strategic success factor for public administration.

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Defects in the automotive industry have serious consequences.

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Food Safety

Global markets and complex products require safety with the help of standards.

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Health, Social Services and Health Tourism

The dynamic health sector needs working systems.

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Maintaining a high level of safety.

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Risk, Security and Compliance

Anticipating coincidences with a systematic approach.

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Medical Devices

A high degree of innovation requires creative implementation strategies.

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Social Accountability (CSR)

Social responsibility as a global issue.

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Excellence (EFQM)

Delivering outstanding performances long-term with excellence.

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Customized Products for Special Industries

Support from customized management systems.

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